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Unemployed? How high is your unemployment benefit?

Of course you don't hope so, but it could happen that you become unemployed through no fault of your own. In addition to all the tensions that the dismissal entails, you also have concerns about your monthly income. You can apply for benefits at the UWV. But how high is this benefit and how is it calculated?

WW and daily wages

The unemployment benefit is a percentage of your daily wage. In principle, the daily wage is the average wage you earned per day.

The wages you received in the year before you became unemployed are considered.

It is not the gross wage that is important in this respect, but the wage social insurance (sv wage). This is the wage on which you have paid tax and social insurance contributions through your employer. In most cases it is equal to the taxable wage. You can easily find it on your pay slip.

The daily wage is always based on 21,75 working days per month.

In the first two months of unemployment you will receive 75% of your daily wage, after that you will receive 70%.

Maximum daily wage

The daily wage has a maximum. This maximum is currently (from 1 July 2018) € 211,42 per day. If you earned more than this amount, you will not receive any benefit on the excess. The maximum daily wage is indexed each year in January and July.

An example

Before Karel became unemployed, he earned € 60.000 gross, including holiday pay, per year. He had a social security wage of € 65.000. His daily wage is € 65.000: 261 (working days per year) = € 249,04.

Because this daily wage is higher than the maximum, his benefit is calculated on the maximum of € 211,42.

For the first two months, Karel will receive 75% x € 211,42 x 21,75 = € 3.448,79 gross, including holiday pay. From the third month, he will receive 70% x € 211,42 x 21,75 = € 3.218,87 gross.


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