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Working after your state pension age

Even when you have reached the state pension age, you can continue to work. There are some rules and points of attention that you have to take into account, for example in the field of employment law and social security. We give you a brief overview.

Postpone retirement

You can often (partially) postpone your pension up to five years after your AOW date at the latest. Check with your pension fund whether it is possible and what this means for you.

Sick or fired?

Do you become ill after your state pension age? Then you are entitled to continued payment of wages for a maximum of 13 weeks. In the event of dismissal, you are not entitled to unemployment benefits or a transition payment.


Your wages are often slightly less gross, but more net than before your state pension age. But beware: if you continue working and allow your pension to commence, you may pay too little tax. Apply for a provisional income tax assessment so that you know where you stand.

Nice touch:
As a retiree, the first tax bracket is not 36,65%, but 18,75%. The second is also lower: not 40,85%, but 22,95%.

Continue to build on your pension

In most cases you no longer accrue pension after your AOW age, because the AOW insurance obligation ends. Sometimes there are other possibilities; read your pension regulations carefully or discuss this with your employer.

More information

The overview above is brief and far from exhaustive. Do you have questions? Discuss it with your pension fund or check the websites of the Social Insurance Bank,  the Nibud of government.

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