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What does a health and safety service do?

Health and safety doctor or company doctor?

If you are sick, your employer can call you to go to the health and safety service. An occupational health and safety service is an independent advisor for you, but also for your employer in the field of work and health. You often come for an interview with a company doctor or health and safety doctor. A health and safety doctor has completed the basic medical training. A company doctor has, after his training as a basic doctor, followed a specialization in the field of work and health. Your employer can conclude a contract with a health and safety service. After all, an employer must pursue a policy for absenteeism.

Interview with the company doctor

If you have reported sick and you receive an invitation for a consultation from the company doctor, you may not refuse this invitation. Are you really unable to keep the appointment? Then consult with your employer to find a solution. Solutions could be moving the appointment (for example because it coincides with a visit to the hospital) or arranging transport if you are not allowed to drive due to medication use.

Do you disagree with the company doctor?

If you have been to the consultation hour of the company doctor, the company doctor will give advice. The advice of the company doctor is important in determining whether and when you can return to work. If you do not agree with the advice of the company doctor, you can first indicate this to the company doctor. You can also request a second opinion from another company doctor. In a number of cases, the UWV can also give an opinion on the reintegration.


A conversation with a company or health & safety doctor is confidential. This doctor needs your permission to discuss your situation with your employer, general practitioner or specialist. There are a few exceptions to this. The company or occupational health and safety doctor may advise your employer about what work you could do and for how long. The company or health & safety doctor can also indicate whether you and your employer are doing enough for your reintegration.

Not sick yet?

Even if you are not yet ill, you can visit the company doctor. During this preventive consultation you can ask the company doctor questions about your health in relation to work, your working conditions or if you want to prevent (imminent) absenteeism.

Do you have any questions?

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