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What if my vacation lasts longer due to corona?

vacation during your unemployment benefit

In many countries, corona measures are being relaxed somewhat, making summer holidays abroad possible again. Nevertheless, a trip across national borders is not completely risk-free. The borders can close again due to a new outbreak, and in some cases you have to quarantine for two weeks after returning home. But what happens if you can't work because of that? Can your employer charge you for this, take vacation days or stop your salary?

Can your employer prohibit you from going abroad?

In some countries, there is currently more corona risk than others. However, your employer may not prohibit you from traveling here. He has something to say about it wanneer you go on vacation, not around you go. He may of course ask you not to go to a risk area, but you do not have to adhere to this.

Risk areas

We use the term risk areas to refer to the travel advice issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a country. There are four types of advice:

  • Green: there are no special security risks that do not apply in the Netherlands
  • Yellow: beware, there are safety risks - but these are comparable to the risks in the Netherlands
  • Orange: only necessary travel
  • Red: do not travel

Moreover, a list of countries that open after the corona lockdown. In principle you can travel to any country. The travel advice is not binding. But do you choose to travel to a country with a color code other than green or yellow? Then you consciously run a risk.

Sick on vacation

We have previously described what to do if you get sick on vacation. This is no different now. Just report sick and make sure you can be reached. Do you get sick in a country with a green or yellow color code? Then there is often no problem: your vacation days are converted into absenteeism. But if you fall ill in an orange or red area, your employer can blame you. You have taken a risk by traveling to that area, despite the negative travel advice. He will likely keep your vacation days running for as long as you can't get to work. Your employer's obligation to continue to pay wages may even lapse.

Stuck abroad

Are you abroad and are the national borders suddenly closed, for example because of a new outbreak? Even then it is important which travel advice applied to the country before you left. If your holiday destination was green or yellow, you cannot be blamed for much: you could not have known that you were at risk. In most cases, the vacation days you have taken will remain. You normally get paid for all extra days that you cannot work. If the country was orange or red before you left, you consciously ran a risk. In that case, your employer does not have to continue to pay your wages for all the days that you cannot work after your planned holiday.

Quarantine after trip

Have you been on vacation to an orange or red area? Then your employer may oblige you to go into home quarantine for two weeks. He has a duty to your colleagues to provide a safe and healthy working environment. Does quarantine mean you can't do your job? Then you will continue to be paid if your holiday destination was green or yellow before departure. If there is a red or orange travel advice before departure, you have consciously taken a risk and you may not receive a salary.

Warning from your employer

We have received reports that some employers indicate before your holiday that any risks are entirely at your expense, even if you follow the travel advice. This is not allowed. The rules above simply continue to apply. Have you received such a message from your employer and do you have doubts about what you are entitled to? We are happy to find out for you.

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