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Too hot to work?

The weather forecast recently has been one-sided, dry and sunny. It looks like the temperature will rise even further in the coming days. The warm weather could last even for weeks. RIVM has therefore activated the National Heat Plan.

Despite the fact that many people are on vacation, there are still plenty of people at work, even with tropical temperatures. The question is therefore: when is it too hot to work?

The temperature should not cause any harm to health

There are no legal maximum or minimum temperatures above or below which you would not be able to work. What is laid down in the Working Conditions Decree is that the temperature in the workplace must not be harmful to the health of the employee. In doing so, the nature of the work and the physical strain that results from it must be taken into account. Someone who is working outside will be more affected by the heat than if you are working in an office with air conditioning.

Still too hot to work?

If the temperature can nevertheless cause damage to the health of employees, personal protective equipment must be made available. This can be done in many ways. For example, by creating extra shade, providing cool drinks or other work clothing.

If the use of personal protective equipment is not sufficient to prevent damage to health, the duration of the work must be limited or alternated with staying and / or work in a cooler place in such a way that no damage to health occurs.

What can you do about it?

Your employer can be expected to take action if the temperature in the workplace becomes too high. Which concrete measures need to be taken depends on the work you do and under what circumstances. Do you think the temperature at your workplace is too high? Then ring the bell with your employer to take measures. Does your employer refuse or are the measures not sufficient? In that case you can contact the Inspectorate SZW (the labor inspectorate) or the Working Conditions Service. Do you have any questions? Then contact us. We can help you with this. We can be reached by telephone on 0345 - 851 963, but you can also email us via