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Holiday pay

It is almost time: you will receive holiday pay again. Most will receive this payment at the end of May. Your holiday allowance is legally calculated over the period from 1 June to 31 May. However, this may differ, for example because this is laid down in writing in your employment contract, company regulations or collective labor agreement. In all cases, your employer is obliged to pay holiday pay at least once a year. Holiday allowance can also be paid monthly with the salary, provided this has been clearly agreed in writing and is not in conflict with a regulation in an applicable collective labor agreement.

How much holiday pay do you get?
Your holiday pay is at least 8% of your gross annual salary, and possibly more if this is laid down in your employment contract or company regulations. Do you receive more than three times the legal minimum wage? Then you and your employer can agree in writing that you will receive less or no holiday pay; this may also be included in your CLA. If you earn at least 108% of the minimum wage, deviating agreements may be included in your collective labor agreement.

Your holiday pay must be clearly indicated on your pay slip. Your employer may therefore not combine your wages and holiday pay on your payslip.

What is your holiday allowance calculated on?
About your gross annual salary, including any allowances and allowances for overtime. Other wage components, such as profit distribution, expense allowances and the end-of-year bonus, do not count towards the calculation of your holiday pay. Do you temporarily have a lower gross annual salary, for example because you are ill for a long time? Then you also get less holiday pay; this is calculated on the basis of the lower wages.

Is your employment contract ending? Then you will receive the remaining holiday pay with the final statement that you will receive at the end of the employment.

Do you have to pay tax on your holiday pay?
Yes, you pay tax on your holiday pay - just like on your normal wages. Your holiday allowance is taxed as if it were on top of your annual income: it may therefore fall into a higher tax bracket.

How much holiday pay do you receive when you receive a benefit from the UWV or AOW?
If you receive benefits, you will receive holiday allowance from the UWV in May: 8 percent of your gross benefit. Do you receive sickness benefit, pregnancy or maternity benefit from the UWV? Then you will also receive 8 percent of your gross benefit, but you will receive this directly with your benefit.

The amount of your AOW benefit is derived from the statutory minimum wage. The AOW holiday pay in turn depends on the minimum holiday allowance that goes with the minimum wage.
Please note: this is not 8 percent of your AOW benefit.

Op the website of the SVB you can calculate how much holiday pay you should receive.


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