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Unie Direct: the story of Moniek

Have you been fired, do you want to have an employment contract or non-competition clause tested or are you perhaps looking for another form of legal assistance? Unie Direct is at your service with regard to your legal issues related to your work and income. Many preceded you. For example, we recently helped Moniek. She had been working as a sales assistant at an insurance company for 15 years. We tell more about her situation and how we helped her!

Moniek's situation

She enjoyed working for her employer for the entire 15 years. Unfortunately, this changed with the arrival of a new manager. From one day to the next nothing was good. Moniek slept badly and went to work every day with a stomach ache. A conversation with her supervisor followed. The answer? The organization did not expect Moniek to be able to cope with certain changes in her position. She was presented with a proposal for termination of her employment; a so-called settlement agreement. Moniek was given a week to think about it and sat with her hands in her hair.

An alert friend

Fortunately, a friend told me about Unie Direct. Within two days I was in contact with a legal expert who could support me at a competitive rate. Together we made a step-by-step plan, after which she took up further communication. That gave me relief and one less worry. I no longer wanted to continue to work this way. Much to my delightde Unie Immediately also a better termination scheme, 'says Moniek. Closing this book gave her so much energy that Moniek was able to choose from two new jobs within one month. Moniek also received useful tips and advice from our experts for checking her new contract.

Do you recognize such a situation?

Do you have problems at work, just like Moniek? Or are you unable to reach an agreement with your employer? Let us know. Our legal helpdesk will help you with initial free advice. In most cases, this first meeting is even enough to resolve your case. Our legal helpdesk is available every working day from 8.00:18.00 to XNUMX:XNUMX. For more information, go to or give us a call 0345 851 442.