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Mid-term evaluation and the progress interview

The second half of 2019 is almost upon us. What about the goals and agreements you made with your employer at the beginning of the year? Are you still on schedule or are there perhaps things you could improve or not quite according to plan? During the progress interview you will consider this together with your employer.

The progress interview is in fact the second interview in the employee's development and assessment cycle. It is a follow-up to the so-called planning meeting - this often takes place at the beginning of the year. In this meeting you determine the objectives for the coming year. The purpose of this progress meeting is to monitor the progress of these goals.

An assessment interview takes place at the end of the year. Here you look back on the goals set. Maybe you were too ambitious, maybe you hit the target with two fingers in the nose. Of course you do not know that when setting the goals.

Two-way conversations

Planning meetings and progress meetings are two-way conversations. The employer expresses his expectations about you and you may state whether you want to change something or whether you want to develop further in something. Together with your employer you will see how you can achieve this. The progress interview is the moment for the employer to indicate how he thinks you have developed - or functioned so far. Now is the time for you to indicate whether you need extra support in achieving your goals, for example.

It is therefore important that you prepare well for this conversation and that you think about it carefully. Consider what ambitions you have in your current position and what knowledge and skills you think you will need in the future. It is also good to see what you want to achieve in the longer term. What is needed to realize your career wishes and what can the employer contribute to this? All questions that are extremely important for your future. And for you that is of course the most important thing.

Development advice for people over 45

A unique opportunity to learn more about this is through the temporary subsidy scheme 'Development advice for over-45s'. This development advice offers the opportunity, in a safe environment and without obligations, to think about these kinds of questions with a professional career advisor and to make a plan for the future. We at De Unie are happy to help you with this.


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