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Need tips for your assessment interview?

  • Take time for your preparation
  • Approach it as a business conversation without too much emotion
  • Grab your progress meeting and check for each part whether your objective has been achieved
  • Make sure you have your own data / administration at hand for checking
  • If data is missing from you, request this before the interview
  • It is a one-way conversation, but if necessary ask for an explanation
  • See the assessment interview as a moment to take stock
  • Make a follow-up appointment if there are any areas of uncertainty that cannot be resolved immediately
  • If you do not agree with the assessment, you only sign 'seen' and not 'approved'
  • Then provide a written explanation with which and why you disagree
  • Request for adjustment, but if that is not possible, request for your explanation to be added to your personnel file
  • Your written explanation means that the assessment is not only a one-sided story
  • If possible, ensure a positive conclusion to the conversation
  • Please contact De Unie if you want to spar or need further advice