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irregularity allowance (ORT) during leave

In the past period, there have been a few cases in which a health care worker is allowed to reclaim his missed irregularity allowance (ORT) during leave according to the court. It is still unclear what this means for other employees in the health care, security and professional goods transport sector or other sectors. If you often work overtime and have structural allowances, you may still have money to claim from your employer. 

Sample letter

In the professional freight transport sector, pilot procedures are currently being launched on this topic. Unfortunately, it was not possible to reach a central agreement about the ORT at the CAO. You can await the outcome of these procedures. Please note that these procedures can take considerable time. This may have consequences for your claim. To avoid having to deal with prescription, you can therefore send your employer a letter about your claim. You can download this sample letter at the bottom or on the right column of this page. In this way you can interrupt the prescription, so that you can continue with a possible claim at a later time. Keep any correspondence on this subject, as well as the acknowledgment of receipt, in a safe place.

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Download the sample letter