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My child is sick. Am I entitled to leave?

If your child is ill, you can appeal to statutory regulations from your employer. In the first instance you can submit a request for emergency leave (short absence leave). This form of leave is intended for very special personal or unforeseen circumstances that require you to take time off. You can think of leave to arrange the first care of your sick child to pick it up from school. If you have not been able to arrange childcare afterwards to take care of your sick child at home, you can submit a request for short-term care leave. The condition is that the patient requires care and that you are the only person who can provide care given the specific circumstances of the case.


You usually cannot take short-term care leave for someone who is in hospital. The patient will already receive care. Your collective labor agreement or internal company regulations may contain other agreements about these forms of special leave. If so, these agreements apply.


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