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Informal care in practice

During the rehabilitation period after an operation, many people have many questions. Who can take care of me? Who will help me with the daily activities? Senior Service helps with additional informal care during rehabilitation after surgery. We spoke to Annie, 76 years old, Nijmegen about her experience with Senior Service after her hip operation.

"I just had to get used to the idea, I think"

Annie, 76 years old, Nijmegen *

My hip surgery had been coming for a while and I looked like a mountain against it. My husband passed away in July 2014 and since then I have been living alone in a senior apartment in Nijmegen.

Hip surgery

I was called up for hip surgery and if everything went well I could go home after a few days. I had to be able to walk well on crutches first. How nervous I was, how could I only do that when I came home? My children, whom I talk to every day, have a job, are busy and don't live around the corner. I am fortunate to have helpful and sweet neighbors, but they are now also of age. I cannot ask them everything.

Not only thanks to De Unie and Senior Service

De Unie can mediate for good additional informal care. They do this in collaboration with Senior Service. They make sure that someone is there during my rehabilitation and only leaves when I am ready. That reassured my daughter: "If I know someone is with you, I can go to sleep with peace of mind, Mom." My children looked tense about this period, because they are still being called upon. We had also underestimated rehabilitation.

Getting used to

I was so dreading it and then also a stranger in the house. I just had to get used to the idea I guess. In the meantime, my daughter had contacted Senior Service by telephone and made a conversation for me at my home. For members of De Unie this introductory meeting is completely free of charge. During the conversation, the coordinator of Nijmegen, Meriam Derks, came by and explained everything to us neatly.

Nice click

In the end I let the story sink in. The operation was also not yet in sight, but I still contacted Mrs. Derks. A date was announced and I shared it with her. She indicated that she was looking for a suitable team to guide me in my own home. Since I needed support in the neighborhood 24 hours a day, it was divided between three people 24 hours a day. Someone always came for the night, morning and evening. I knew exactly who was coming when and after two weeks of support we had a nice click together. Rehabilitation went well and I needed less and less support.

To the hospital together

Once in a while I have to go to the Radboud Hospital for an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. It's nice that a permanent employee, Janine, from Senior Service is going with me. She takes me to the hospital in her car and also goes inside. I like to go together. Janine makes a note of what is said and passes it on neatly to my children. That way I don't forget what he said and everyone is well informed. She makes sure that I get home safely.

* The woman in the photo above this article is not Annie from Nijmegen. She would like to remain anonymous.

About Senior Service

Do you recognize this story and do you or do your parents also need intensive support? As a member of De Unie you are entitled to a free membership of Senior Service. You can use that membership for yourself, your parents or your children. Do you want to know more? Take then contact us.

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Senior Service is the cooperation partner of De Unie in the field of informal care. They offer various forms of informal care throughout the Netherlands. The collaboration leads to benefits for our members that fully benefit you as a member.