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Pay during illness

Are you (long-term) sick? Then you are entitled to continued payment of (part of) your wages for two years. Different rules apply to the first year of illness than to the second.

First year of illness

During the first 52 weeks of your period of illness, your employer is obliged to continue to pay at least 70% of your wages, unless your wages then fall below the legal minimum wage. In that case, your employer must continue to pay you the minimum wage. There is also a maximum: 70 percent of the maximum monthly wage. The UWV determines this and uses the organization as a calculation basis for various benefits, including the WW, WAO and WIA. The maximum monthly wage is € 1 from 2019 January 4.660,59; 70 percent of this is € 3.262,41.

Second year of illness

Have you been sick for 53 to 104 weeks? Even then you will receive at least 70 percent of your wages and a maximum of 70 percent of the maximum monthly wage. Important difference: the lower limit of the minimum wage no longer applies. Fortunately, many collective labor agreements, company regulations and employment contracts contain additional agreements for payment of wages during illness. For example, that you will receive 100 percent of your salary during the first year of illness, and 70 percent during the second year of illness.

Is your (family) income below the social minimum during the second year of illness? Then you can contact the UWV  request a supplement.


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