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Life-course savings scheme

Do you still have a life-course savings scheme? Then keep in mind that it will expire on December 31, 2021. Of course you still have some time to figure out what to do with it, but it is still wise not to wait too long. That can cost you quite a bit of money.


What is a life-course savings scheme?

Until 31 December 2012, you as an employee could make use of the life-course savings scheme. You could save part of your gross salary and hand it in later, for example for unpaid leave or early retirement. The scheme has now been formally abolished. Only if you still have a savings balance of
€ 3000 or more, you are still eligible for the scheme; if you had less at that time, it was already paid out in 2013.

Transitional arrangement

Do you still have savings on 31 December 2021? Then you will receive it in one go. But the higher this amount, the higher the tax you pay on it. That is why it may be financially more beneficial to use the balance for which it is intended: working less. And whether you want to take unpaid leave or take early retirement, it is better to discuss this with your employer as early as possible.


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