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Request your vacation from your employer? That is how it works.

Do you already have vacation plans for this summer? Before you book your holiday and pack your sunscreen, it is useful to know what to take into account in your holiday application. First, check your employment contract to see whether agreements have been made about a holiday period. In most cases, reference is made to a collective labor agreement or regulations.

Have you checked this? A vacation request goes as follows. Submit your vacation application in writing to your employer. An employer may only reject an application if there is a compelling business interest. An employer will then have to motivate whether and why this is the case.

What exactly is meant by a compelling business interest? An example could be that a department would have to close temporarily when you are absent during a certain period. In that case, it is useful to ask the employer for a written motivation in the event of a rejection.

Need help?

Has your application been rejected by your employer or are you unsure which rules apply to you? Then contact us. We are happy to assist you. We can be reached by telephone on 0345 851 963, but you can also email us via