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Sick for a while? Tips and advice part 1

You've been home sick for a while. All of a sudden you are dealing with a company doctor or perhaps the UWV. How does the process go if you have been ill for a while?

Continued payment of wages?

Your employer has a wage payment obligation and therefore continues to pay your salary for at least 2% for 70 years. If you have not recovered after two years, the continued payment of wages will stop. This does not mean that your employment ends automatically.

During this period you will not receive a sickness benefit but a continued payment of wages in the event of illness. A sickness benefit is only for people who do not have an employer and in a number of cases for employees with a temporary employment or secondment agreement. Therefore, first check your employment contract to see if this also applies to you.

Occupational physician

Your employer can ask you if you want to make an appointment with the company doctor. You can also make an appointment with the company doctor if you need it. Your employer is obliged to provide a doctor.

First check whether you are really dealing with a doctor. This is important because only a doctor can judge whether you are able to work. This can be easily checked by looking at the following site:  A doctor has a duty of confidentiality. So you can speak freely.

Advice from the company doctor

After a discussion with the company doctor, a recommendation is drawn up. This advice is sent to both you and your employer. This advice may state, for example, that you should stay at home for a while, work less or get adapted work until you have recovered.

problem analysis

If you have not recovered after almost 6 weeks, the company doctor will conduct an examination to see which activities you can or cannot do. After this research he makes a problem analysis. In this analysis, the doctor indicates what you need to reintegrate.

Plan of action

In the 8th week of reporting sick, you draw up an action plan together with your employer. The Action Plan is used to put clear agreements on paper, so that you and your employer can work towards a specific goal.

These agreements may concern, for example, adjusting your workplace, training, therapies or a different work schedule.

Freshman evaluation

In the first-year evaluation you discuss with your employer how the past year went and what agreements will be made for the coming year. The employer can hire an employment expert for this. An occupational health expert will ask you short questions about what you can and cannot do.

Not yet recovered?

If you have not recovered after 20 months, you will prepare a reintegration report together with your employer. This contains agreements about your planned return to work.

WIA application

If after 86 weeks you are unable to complete your own work, you will receive a letter for a WIA application. With this application you also add all the documents that have been drawn up in the past period.

Want to know more?

Are you curious about tips that are important for a good reintegration? Then follow us next week with part 2 about reporting sick. Are you in this process and do you have questions about it? Then contact us. We are happy to assist you. We can be reached by telephone on 0345 851 963. You can also email us via