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A training budget. Do you have one? Make use of this.

Research shows that 40% of the training budgets is not spent ( That's a shame. Do you have a training budget?

How do you know if you have a training budget?

Check whether there is a training budget in your collective labor agreement or in your employment contract. It is also possible that your employer has a development policy. This is an internal policy with the aim of allowing employees to develop further. How do you know if there is a development policy? Ask your manager or HR about this.

What can you do with a training budget?

A training budget is intended to increase your (professional) knowledge. The point is that your employer benefits from the knowledge and skills you build up with this. It does not necessarily have to be substantive professional knowledge.

It is also possible that you can submit a training application for your 'soft skills'. This could be, for example, a communication or presentation course. Check whether this is possible in your collective labor agreement or employment conditions. You can also discuss this with your manager.

When can you request this?

Your employer can set a deadline because, for example, a specific training starts at a certain time. Pay attention! It is quite possible that you will receive a certain budget per year. It is not the case that you can save budgets. So you will lose it at the end of the year. It is therefore important to apply for a training budget on time. Most courses will start again in September, so be quick.

Request approved?

Good news! Your supervisor has agreed. What now? As an employee you often receive a training agreement. In this agreement, you make agreements with your employer about the training that you are going to do and when you must complete the training.


You also agree in a training agreement how the costs will be divided. Does your employer pay all or part of it? Watch out.

The training agreement may also state something about the reimbursement of costs if you leave your employment before a certain time. So let us check it to be sure.

A study costs clause may also be included in your employment contract, collective labor agreement or employment conditions regulation. This may also contain agreements about the costs.

Do you have a training agreement and do you want to have it checked or do you want to ask a question? We are happy to help you. We can be reached by telephone on 0345 - 851 963. You can also email us via