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The retirement date? a myth

You hear people say: after my retirement I will travel, or after my retirement I will continue to work for a while. But when does the pension actually start? To get straight to the point: there is no such thing as a retirement date. Our pension experts will let you know what you should look at.

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How was it first?

Until a few years ago, there was to a certain extent a single retirement date: the commencement date of your retirement pension then usually coincided with the AOW date, in the month in which you turned 65. Your employment and salary stopped, and you received an AOW and pension benefit in return, respectively from the government and your pension fund or insurance company.

How are you now?

Because we are living longer and longer, the affordability of the AOW and pensions is under pressure. As a result, both input dates have been shifted. The state pension date now depends on life expectancy and is determined by your date of birth† As a result, your AOW will no longer start on the same date as your retirement pension.

We refer to the retirement pension as the 'retirement target date'. This can be found in the pension regulations and on your Uniform Pension Overview (UPO), which you receive every year as a working person. This date is only important for the calculation of the pension, but says nothing about the date on which your pension commences – you determine that yourself.

Because your target retirement date and state pension age have changed, you can have multiple retirement dates. For example, your retirement pension can start when you are 65, 67 or 68, while your AOW has not yet started or has already started. On the website you will find exactly which pension rights you have and when.

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More information

Do you have questions about your retirement date, or would you like to investigate whether you can retire earlier? Please contact the pension specialists of De Unie† Our Service Center is available every working day from 8.00 am to 18.00 pm via en 0345 851 963.