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Assessment interview: what should I pay attention to?

prepare an assessment interview

They are coming again: the year-end or appraisal interviews. You will discuss your performance in 2021 with your manager. Sometimes a lot depends on it, such as a promotion or bonus. How do you prepare for such an important conversation? And what if you get a negative review?

How do I prepare for an assessment interview?

Good preparation is half the battle, even during assessment interviews. Think about what went well last year and what didn't. Many employers appreciate it if you can objectively assess yourself and your performance. For example, answer these questions:

  • What have you done in the past year?
  • What went well?
  • Did you deliver a special performance?
  • Were there exceptional circumstances?
  • Did things go wrong? And if so, what have you learned from it? 

Shorten the distance

If you work from home a lot, chances are that your manager has less insight into your work and performance. So make sure you paint a clear picture of this during your assessment interview. Explain clearly what you have done, what went well and what could be improved. Don't just assume that your supervisor already knows this.

What are the consequences of my assessment?

A lot often depends on your assessment interview. Have you achieved all your goals and achieved great results? Then you may be eligible for a contract extension, salary increase, promotion or a bonus. But the conversation can also have negative consequences: if you don't meet your goals or perform well, you may miss out on bonuses or even jeopardize your job.

What if I get a bad rating?

A bad rating can occur, as can a less good rating than expected. That need not be a problem if you and your manager come up with a way to perform better in the coming year. Does your employer think you are dysfunctional? Then he should give you the opportunity to improve. This is called an improvement process. You make agreements about exactly what you should do differently, how long you will have the time and what kind of guidance you will receive. You record these agreements in an improvement plan. This often also includes interim evaluations. Does your employer still think you are not functioning properly after the improvement process? This can lead to dismissal.

What if I disagree with my bad review?

In any case, do not put your signature on the report of your assessment interview, as this indicates that you agree with it. For example, sign with 'for seen, disagree'. You can then lodge an objection. Draw up your objection points in writing, send / give them to your employer and ask if he includes them in your personnel file. This way you avoid a one-sided file structure, which is useful when it comes to dismissal proceedings. In addition, check whether your employer has an objection protocol or procedure. It often states within which period you must lodge an objection, and how.

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