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Are you also an informal caregiver?

Taking care of someone else comes naturally to most people. You help each other when necessary and you (usually) enjoy doing that.

What is informal care?

But when will this help become so extensive that we can speak of informal care? And what exactly is informal care?

If you provide unpaid care for a longer period of time to a family member or friend with a chronic illness, disability or other care need, then you are an informal caregiver.

More and more often

Together we provide a lot of informal care in the Netherlands and that will only increase in the future. We are all getting older and the government encourages care at home.

Collective labor agreements

Informal carers have a lot on their mind and are often concerned about the person they are caring for.

Many collective labor agreements include agreements about flexible deployment and working hours. This also includes agreements that make it easier for employees to combine work and informal care.


There is no general reimbursement for informal care. Informal carers can, however, appeal to a number of special schemes:

Travel Expenses

Many informal carers incur travel expenses. In such a case, please note that some municipalities provide a fee or parking permit. Sometimes it is also possible to deduct costs from the tax.

If the person you care for cannot travel independently by public transport, a public transport companion card can also be requested from Argonaut. More information about this can be found at:

Extra child benefit

Parents of seriously ill or handicapped children living at home can apply for extra Child Benefit at the Social Insurance Bank.

Additional health insurance

A number of health insurers offer a reimbursement for replacement care for informal carers in the supplementary insurance. Check the policy conditions of your health insurance for this.

Personal budget

The personal budget, known in short as the 'PGB', is a budget that people with a chronic disability or illness can use to hire care providers themselves. This budget is not only intended for professional care providers, but can also be used to engage you as an informal caregiver. If you provide care for which an indication has been set, you can be paid from the PGB.

If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to contact us! You can reach us on 0345 - 851963 or by e-mail at

De Unie and Senior Service

Almost everyone deals directly or indirectly with informal care. That's why Senior Service and De Unie entered into a partnership. Senior Service is an organization that provides employees to support those in need in their daily lives. In this way, people can continue to live at home (longer) without having to ask friends or acquaintances for help.

As a member of De Unie you can request a free membership with Senior Service (worth € 9,95 per month). For more information, call 0800-1969.