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Are you already sustainably employable?

The labor market is in full swing. Something else is also expected from you as an employee. There is an increasing focus on sustainable employability. How do you ensure that you are and remain sustainable employable?

The labor market has been changing rapidly and impactfully in recent years. The lifetime employment - a job disappears forever, employment contracts become shorter or more flexible. This requires a different approach from organizations, but something different is also expected from you as an employee. On the one hand, this can entail insecurity about work and income, on the other hand it requires adaptability and development to keep yourself future-proof. Sustainable employability ensures that you can respond to changes in your tasks, career and developments within the organization. Dare to look ahead. But how do you do that?


Make sure you develop yourself, that you are vital, both mentally and physically. Discover where you stand in your career and where you want to go. You can see it as filling a backpack that you travel with. That is fun and good to do. It ensures that you remain part of the work process.

Ask yourself some questions

How? For example, by thinking about the following questions yourself or with a (career) coach:

  • Where do I want to work in five years?
  • Do I get enough energy from my work?
  • Do I work in an environment or industry that suits me?
  • What are my qualities?
  • Where do I begin?

Give yourself an answer to these questions. That provides insight. Depending on your stage of life, current profession, health, financial situation and your needs, there are countless instruments that can help you with this. Not a one-size-fits-all approach, but focused on you as an individual. After all, it's about your future.

Also ask your employer about the possibilities. Employers are also increasingly focusing on sustainable employability and may offer the option of calling in a career advisor.

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