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4 tips to find the job of your dreams 

4 tips to find that top job

We can of course say that your work is 'just work'. And in a way that's true: there is so much else in your life. But still, your career determines a lot. From your financial situation to your happiness: what you do, when you do it, how long you do it and why you do it do matter. Reason enough to find work that really suits you. We give four tips to find your dream job.

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1. How future-proof is your work?

There could be a lot of reasons why you can't do your current job until you retire. Because you don't like it, for example, or because you want a new challenge someday. Social, technological or economic developments can also influence your career. From an economic crisis and bankruptcy of your employer to automation of your work: some changes can have a quick and direct impact on your future prospects.

It may seem a bit obvious, but to find out what you want to do, you have to carefully consider what you are doing now. It is important to find out the future-proofing of your current work. That determines your next steps. If you regularly need a new challenge, that is useful information for your quest. If there's massive automation in one industry, too - maybe you should consider another industry.

2. Discover what makes you happy

Then you will have to determine what your dream job actually is. In other words: what work do you see yourself doing, what would you be good at and what would make you happy? Start with your current job – or maybe even your previous job. What activities do you excel in? What kind of tasks do you like, and which ones you absolutely don't? Your current or previous work is often an excellent frame of reference to find out what you actually want – after all, you've already done it!

Of course you can also let your imagination run wild. Feel free to dream about certain jobs, organizations or sectors. Also ask around with family or friends: what kind of work do they do exactly, and how do they like it? What do they actually see you doing? All useful information. If you are specifically interested in a position, you can even try walking along for a day, so that you can experience what that work is like up close.

3. Map out the route to your dream job

Do you have an idea where you want to end up? Now it's time to really get to work. Think carefully about how you are going to land your dream job. For example, do you need additional knowledge or skills? Then research which training, course or education you need to acquire it.

Now you are all set to apply. You should have thought a lot about this dream job by now: why you want to do the work, why you would be good at it. These are all important arguments that you can easily incorporate in your motivation letter. Also remember to update your resume and possibly your LinkedIn profile.

 4. Become a Future Pro(o)f!

The above tips can make a difference in your search for your dream job. Yet it is really not that easy to map out your career – especially if you are now in danger of losing your job or looking for new work. So think about enlisting the help of an experienced work coach! The coaches involved from Toekomstpro(o)f – an initiative of VCP and De Unie – are happy to help you find a fantastic new job. Best of all, they do it all for free!

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More information 

Take a look at the website of Future Pro(o)f for more information about the free tailor-made work coaching. Or contact our Service Center. We are available every working day from 8.00 am to 18.00 pm via en 0345 851 963.