De Unie, in your interest

Composition of the 2020 Members' Council


Patrick Bucken

De Unie I see it as a trade union that encourages, helps and defends its members' interests.

Rene Jansen

Also De Unie has to contend with a decline in members and will have to change course. I would like to commit myself to that.

Ivo Kessels

It has to be different!

Hans Kriek

I do my best to protect the interests of the members, but especially the members who have often been members of for 40 to 80 years De Unie and its legal predecessors. De Unie is also available for members who no longer actively participate in the labor process.

Mark van Pelt

Staying involved and contributing to De Unie of the future.

Dirk-Jan van Putten

It must be considered how the decline in members can be stopped and what other activities De Unie can develop to remain financially healthy.

Stan Rouwenhorst

De Unie must dare to take broad social responsibility for all employees.

Rob Verseput

I want to use my knowledge and experience to help De Unie to make you strong again.

Maurice Widdershoven

The challenge of thinking along and overseeing the further repositioning of De Unie and to have added for the various generations I will gladly take on.


William Honey

After years as an executive, I would now like to dedicate myself in a different way to de Unie. Since July 1, 2019 I have chosen to retire, but I would like to use my knowledge and experience for a while and talk about policy and vision.


Frank in Kloese

Deserves of course De Unie a positively critical Council of Members. I would like to dedicate myself to this with great enthusiasm, and quite a bit of experience in this area. I would also like to seek more contact with the association.