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Our experienced and independent coaches have already helped many candidates on their way. With conversations about their work situation, worries, but also about dreams for later. In this way they optimally faced the future.

Be inspired by these enthusiastic candidates!


'I had been doing the same work for years, but I actually wanted something different. My coach asked me why I didn't take that step and used my network to find people who could help me. There are none, I thought. After some insistence from my coach, I went looking again. And it turned out that an acquaintance of mine had a great vacancy. I told the coach that I immediately started working on my application letter. Then he said: “I wouldn't send a letter, just give me a call. You know him." And indeed, not much later I had the job! '


'I worked for a financial service provider. I really liked my job, but sometimes I got the feeling that I wanted something different. Together with my coach I found out where that feeling came from: I did not like a small part of my work. So we started looking for the tasks that did make me happy, and then for work in which I would mainly do that. My current job is in many ways similar to my previous one, but I am so much happier with my job now! '

Sonja Vlaar

'I didn't expect much from the coaching. Well I feel reborn! I received confirmation that I was in the right place here, but we also found out that I would actually like to specialize. When we talked about that, my coach urged me: “Don't wait until you get the chance, take the initiative yourself. It is your career." That was a huge eye opener. My colleagues and I have never experienced that there was much room for entrepreneurship. While that space was there, we just don't use it! '


'I wanted to start my own business, but couldn't afford to miss the salary for my permanent job at the time. Or so I thought. My coach helped me not to see it as black and white: I could also work a day less, couldn't I? Those free Fridays have already resulted in a good basis for my own business within a few months. '


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