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Perspective Memorandum 2020

Time for real choices

Every year we determine our employment conditions policy with our members. We lay down the starting points in the perspective memorandum: our guideline for collective bargaining within industries and companies. Here you can read where De Unie places her emphasis on how we will implement the collective labor agreement proposals in the future and what strategy lies behind this.

Despite an economy that is running at full speed, there is still uncertainty in many areas. Pension accrual and indexation is still under pressure. Job opportunities have barely risen and spending security has even deteriorated. For many, the spending limit is still decreasing. Both employees and employers feel this. You do not see it in the purchasing power pictures, because it is still consumed. As far as we are concerned, it is time for real choices. We have to change course.

Read in our Perspective Memorandum 2020 what we want to focus on this year. Some spearheads:

  • Perspective on social relevance
  • More work-life balance
  • Combine care for children, parents or loved ones with your work
  • Be ready for the job market of tomorrow

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