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January De Unie agree to new collective labor agreement NN Group

After an earlier rejection in January this year, members of De Unie now agree to the new collective labor agreement for NN Group.

In the new round of negotiations, such improvements have been agreed that the members can now agree to this first collective labor agreement since the acquisition of Delta Lloyd by NN Group.

The most important improvements are in the salary increase and the redundancy plan that has been drawn up.

Due to the introduction of a new job evaluation system, many employees were initially classified in a lower salary scale. By increasing the salary structure as a whole, this is corrected and more employees now have the prospect of salary growth again. “The salaries at NN Group were highly leveling, and that is nu corrected. De Unie believes that a fairer salary distribution has now emerged ”, says negotiator Inge de Vries van De Unie.

The discussion about the new job evaluation system is not over yet. Many employees do not identify with the much too general description of their position. This gives them the feeling that they have been randomly and subjectively assigned to a job. De Unie wants to talk further with the employer to ensure that the job descriptions are in line with the activities that are being performed