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De Unie concerned about employment after Vivat sales

Long live

Now that Vivat has been sold to two companies, De Unie many questions about job security. The new owners are the Athora company and Nationale Nederlanden. Athora already has offices in Belgium, Ireland and Germany. And want to expand further in Europe. The main components are life insurance and pension products. Athora currently does not have a company in the Netherlands. Nationale Nederlanden is a Dutch insurance company in The Hague with offices abroad. Delta Lloyd was recently taken over by Nationale Nederlanden. One of the components of Nationale Nederlanden is non-life insurance.

This raises questions about how the new owners want to continue with (the employees of) Vivat: because both parties take over another part of Vivat, a new situation arises for the employees. De Unie will therefore start consultations with Nationale Nederlanden and Athora.

In the past period, Vivat employees were able to vote on an extension of the social plan until 31-12-2020 and an addendum to the collective labor agreement. A monthly salary payment was agreed in December 2019. For now this provides a good safety net for what is to come.