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Pension position

The Dutch pension system is under pressure. Partly due to the imbalance between ambition, premium and risk. First because of the financial crisis, now the low interest rate. Because we live longer on average and the aging population is increasing. In short: the pressure is increasing and the call for adjustment is getting louder.
De Unie stands up for your pension interests via the Trade Union Federation for Professionals (VCP). The details of the pension agreement are for the De Unie insufficient in parts. For that reason De Unie said “no yes” to what is now on the table via the Trade Union VCP. You can read about our positions and what we say about them in the media on this page.

What is the pension discussion really about?
The VCP trade union federation has made a video that explains in clear language what the discussion is really about. Watch the video here.

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30-03-2022 New pension law

03-12-2021 Bill on new pension system to Council of State
17-06-2021 More insight into your pension
17-06-2021 Everything you need to know about retirement 
11-05-2021 Introduction of pension agreement postponed
08-04-2021 Update: where do we stand with the pension agreement 
14-01-2021 Sudden withdrawal of pension capital postponed for years
11-01-2021 The pension agreement: give your opinion!

27-07-2020 Discussion of the Pension Agreement in the Lower House
08-07-2020 Influence De Unie on the details of the pension agreement
30-06-2020 Press release VCP Compensation for the uniform contribution system  
24-06-2020 Outline memorandum pension agreement public
22-06-2020 Letter of tender pension agreement to Lower House
22-06-2020 Outline memorandum on the pension agreement
22-06-2020 Consultation document
19-06-2020 VCP does not say 'yes' to the details of the pension agreement
16-06-2020 Pension agreement: do not send anyone together 

18-06-2019 VCP supports pension agreement
17-06-2019 Advisory referendum on pension agreement concluded
16-06-2019 Press release VCP on consultation of FNV and CNV supporters
07-06-2019 Seminar pension agreement 13 June 2019 to be followed live
07-06-2019 Vote on the pension agreement
06-06-2019 Q & A's VCP outcome of pension negotiations
05-06-2019 Pension agreement: press release VCP and members' consultation


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