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We put the interests of our members first and create the optimal conditions for future-proof collective labor agreements on the one hand and individual services on the other.

The board

The board

Members Council

The Members' Council is the members' parliament of the association De Unie† The Members' Council appoints the board, amends the articles of association if necessary and determines the amount of the contribution. The Members' Council also adopts the budget and annual figures and checks the general policy of the board. In the the statute all powers of the Members' Council have been established. Look here who is on the Members' Council. The Council of Members can be reached via members


Practices through numerous committees, board seats of pension funds and our network within trade unions and politics De Unie influence the policy development of the political Netherlands. During our triennial conference, our Members' Council formalizes the association policy for the coming years. But our members also have a voice on a daily level: for example in the various sector councils, circles and cadres.

Our policy

Our terms of employment policy is determined by the members and laid down each year by the members' council in an employment conditions memorandum: the Perspective note. This forms the guideline for the collective labor agreement negotiations about new employment conditions within sectors and companies. Here you can read what the views of De Unie how we will fill in the collective labor agreement proposals in the future and what strategy lies behind this.

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Do you convince your sister, friend, neighbor or colleague to join? Then you will receive a gift voucher worth € 12,50 from us! He or she signs up and names you; you will then receive a message from us.

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