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Story about rising purchasing power completely unbelievable

15 September 2020

“Employers and employees in the Netherlands are hit hard by the crisis, while the cabinet is calling for purchasing power to increase next year. That is a completely unbelievable story: municipal and provincial taxes shoot up and every Dutch person feels that immediately in their wallet. ”

That says Reinier Castelein, chairman of vakbond De Unie in response to the Budget Memorandum for 2021. He foresees that the biggest blows are yet to come. Unemployment will rise sky high in 2021. Hundreds of thousands of people who lose their jobs will therefore lose out. The Chamber of Commerce advises entrepreneurs to stop their business in time. The funding ratios of pension funds are under increasing pressure. We face an uncertain future.

“In combination with the rules to keep a physical distance from each other, we are heading for an extremely challenging year. If things go against you, you shouldn't expect an arm around your shoulder. It is then even more bitter that politics is playing nicely again and reports that everyone is making progress. Dealing with the crisis starts with acknowledging the facts. The cabinet is not doing that enough. ”

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