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Protest written warning

I have received an official warning

If your employer thinks you are behaving inappropriately, he can give you an official written warning. This will be included in your personnel file and can play a role in a possible suspension or application for dismissal. Do you disagree with the warning? In that case, always file a written objection. If your employer does not withdraw the warning, your objection will in any case be placed in your file; this way you can demonstrate that you do not agree with it.

How to send?

Registered and by regular mail or e-mail

When to send?

As soon as possible - sometimes there is an objection period in your collective labor agreement


Do not sign the warning, this indicates that you agree. Does your employer want you to sign? Then sign 'for seen, disagree'. Call in our help if your employer does not withdraw the warning.

Do not forget to   

Keep a copy of the letter yourself