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Notice period for a fixed-term contract

I have not been informed in time about the extension of my temporary contract

Do you have a fixed-term contract of 6 months or longer? Then your employer must let you know in time whether this will be extended or not: no later than one month before the end date of your contract. If he does not do this, you are entitled to a so-called notification fee. You can claim this from your employer with the letter below. The amount of the compensation:

  • One monthly salary if your employer has not communicated anything
  • The number of days of your monthly salary that your employer is late. So he informs you 8 days late? Then the allowance is 8 days of your monthly salary.

How to send?

Registered and by regular mail or e-mail

When to send?

As soon as possible after the end date of your contract.


Does your employer not pay the notification fee? Then you must submit a petition to the court within two months of the end date of your contract. We can help you with this if you contact us in time.

Do not forget to

Keep a copy of the letter yourself