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Protest dismissal with immediate effect

I disagree with my summary dismissal

An employer may dismiss someone with immediate effect if he has an urgent reason to do so. For example, if the employee has stolen or committed fraud. The employment contract ends immediately and the employer no longer has to pay wages. Do you disagree with your summary dismissal? Then take immediate action and protest against this in writing to your employer. If that does not work, you can request the Subdistrict Court to reverse the dismissal within two months of your dismissal.

How to send?

Registered and by regular mail or e-mail

When to send?

Immediately after the immediate dismissal, preferably the same day


Is your employer not reversing the dismissal? Then you can request the judge to annul the dismissal. You can submit this request no later than two months after your dismissal. Please contact us in time to help you with this

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