De Unie, in your interest

Have employment conditions checked

Before signing a new contract, it is wise to take a good look at your terms of employment. So that you know exactly where you stand during your employment. And you will not be faced with surprises if, for example, you want to go on leave, change jobs or end up in an employment dispute. The employment law specialists of De Unie like to read with you.

Your employment conditions under the microscope

Our specialists check the content of your contract. They check, among other things, whether:

  • the contract is in accordance with the law;
  • your salary, holidays, pension and sick leave scheme are clear;
  • it does not contain any provisions that are unfavorable to you, such as an overly strict non-competition clause.

You will hear as soon as possible what we think of the contract, and what you can do best: put your signature, or negotiate with your future employer first. In the latter case, we will of course advise you on how to handle such a conversation conveniently.

Non-competition clause

This is a provision stating which rules you must adhere to when you change jobs. Consider the period after your employment in which you are not allowed to work for a competitor or when you are not immediately allowed to perform the same work at another company. If you do this, you may be fined by your (former) employer.

Sometimes the non-competition clause rules are too strict and limit your options on the labor market. Curious what the non-competition clause means in your case? Our experts are happy to check it for you.

How it works

  1. Send your employment contract to
  2. You will receive our advice. We tell you what strikes us, what you can change and how you can best express this.
  3. If you want, we give advice on how best to negotiate.
  4. Satisfied with your terms of employment? Time to draw!

What does it cost?

Are you a complete/additional member of De Unie? Then our employment conditions check is free. If you are not a member or a light member, our experts will help you Union Direct you like.