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Informal care

Becoming an informal caregiver: usually you don't choose it, but it happens to you. For example, because there is no other way to arrange care for your loved one. Taking care of someone for a long time can be tough, especially if you are also working next to them. Bee De Unie we think it is important that you as a caregiver do not become overburdened. That is why there are different ways we can support you.

Agreements with employers

Do you take care of someone? Then it is nice if you get enough space for this from your employer. So that you can take a break if necessary, or arrange your working hours flexibly. Do you need advice or do you not know how to start a conversation with your manager? Call us and we will discuss it together. We also fight for informal care-friendly agreements in collective labor agreements.

Need help with your care tasks? We do this for you

If you are looking after a family member - for example your parents - then it is nice if not all the tasks fall on your shoulders. Therefore it works De Unie together with Senior Service, an informal care organization that only employs permanent, qualified employees. They can take over some of your care tasks. Such as shopping, cooking or driving to the physiotherapist by car.

Do you need more support? Senior Service also provides night and 24-hour care. In addition, they help you on your way with the application for a Personal Budget (PGB) and they know exactly which care services can be settled for tax purposes.

Senior Services

Need informal care yourself?

Even then stand De Unie and our cooperation partner Senior Service is ready for you. Take contact with us and we'll discuss how we can help you.

This is how Senior Service can help you

  • Support from 2 hours per visit
  • Night and 24-hour care
  • Help with a PGB application
  • Advice on tax deductibility of healthcare services

Are you a member of De Unie?

Are you a member of De Unie? Then you can also for free lid become at Senior Service. For this you get at least:

  • access to acute informal care services;
  • support from Senior Service, this can be done the same day;
  • assistance with structural informal care throughout the Netherlands;
  • advice on tax aspects, a Personal Budget and the WMO;
  • De Unie as a fixed point of contact for informal care questions.

Become a member too de Unie!

We do this even more for you

De Unie does even more in the field of care. For example, with VGZ and Zilveren Kruis we have Achmea collective health insurance concluded with attractive discounts and extra benefits.

And of course: our experts are there for you. So do you have a question about care leave or informal care agreements in your CLA? Don't hesitate to give us a call and we'll find it out for you.

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Need support with informal care?

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