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Health insurers: Report of the collective labor agreement negotiations

22 September 2020

Financial position

At the request of the trade unions, the employers provided an explanation of the responsibilities of the health insurers. We have also extensively considered future uncertainties. This explanation has taken a lot of time. Trade unions now have a better understanding of the financial situation, it is good that the employers were willing to share this information.

Opinion De Unie

We recognize that Covid-19 has significantly changed conditions for health insurers. Uncertainty has also increased. However, we note that no major losses are currently being incurred, as is the case with other industries. Moreover, we naturally reason primarily from the interests of the employees. The uncertain situation next year, which concerns employers, will of course also apply to employees and employees generally have less reserves to cope with setbacks than companies have.


The employers have provided a lot of financial information, and we have to recognize that it is sensible policy for employers to be a little more cautious about increasing structural expenditure. In doing so, a balance must be found so that the interests of employees are also sufficiently met. We have therefore indicated that we are willing to let go of the 3%. Because one of the trade unions was not present, it was not possible to make a joint concrete salary proposal.


The negotiations about the pension were very difficult. But employers have now proposed an allowance. We are not yet satisfied with the size, but here too it is better to formulate a counter-proposal if trade unions can jointly make a concrete proposal.

Other proposals

We only brought up two topics besides salary and pension. We also support a proposal from the other trade unions regarding flex workers. We want to make agreements about: financial supplement to the maternity leave, home working facilities and agreements about the employment conditions for flex workers. The employers have rejected all three proposals. They argue that collective bargaining should be better limited to salary and pension.


Are there any questions about this post? Or do you have information that you want to share with us? Please contact the representative, Inge de Vries, by e-mail or call 06-5252 2091.


The next meeting is on October 19, 2020.



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