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Health insurers: Update collective labor agreement negotiations



On Tuesday, May 21, 2019 De Unie further discussed with the employer about the new collective labor agreement.




Proposal letters

We discussed all proposals that had not yet been discussed with the employers. We discussed the following matters, among others:

  • The employers' proposal to pay only 70% of the salary in the second year of illness, for the hours that the employee does not work.
  • Employers' proposal to redefine overtime pay.
  • Employers' proposal to adjust the inconvenient scheme.
  • The proposal of De Unie to pay the jubilee scheme pro rata to employees who are dismissed in a reorganization before their 25-year or 40-year service anniversary.
  • The proposal of De Unie to include in the CLA that employees must be able to consult an independent confidential counselor.

We have not progressed any further on all these points.

Pension research

We have thoroughly discussed the approach to the pension research. It is important that parties work well together in this. The agency Aon was asked to calculate our proposals as an actuary. From De Unie a pension expert has been delegated to assist with the negotiations on the new pension scheme. We have asked the actuary to provide figures before June 13, 2019. Then we can continue with the negotiations on Thursday 13 June 2019.

National pension agreement

Pension is not only an important part of collective bargaining with health insurers. The trade unions, employers' organizations and the government have been negotiating a new pension system for months. This must lead to new laws and regulations and can therefore also be important for the negotiations we are now conducting with the employer.

Actions will be organized on 29 May 2019 to put pressure on the minister to contribute to the pension agreement. Meanwhile, the VCP, the trade union federation, has where De Unie has been affiliated with it, formulated a completely new proposal to get the stalled national pension consultation back on track. The VCP proposal gives better results for employees. Better than in the systems that have been calculated so far. The proposal is part of the negotiations with employers' organizations and the government. De Unie naturally wants to include national developments when we try to conclude a new pension agreement with the employer.