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Health insurers: Want to help with the new collective labor agreement?

The collective labor agreement for health insurers will expire on 1 July 2019. De Unie would like to conclude a new collective labor agreement before the summer. But we do want a collective labor agreement that employees and employers can be proud of.

Employers are often mainly cost-driven in the negotiations and in their company policy. Switching consumers seem to choose a different health insurance policy mainly on the basis of price. So that health insurers strive for the lowest possible cost level. In the race for the lowest price, the employees ultimately fall victim. However, this policy makes the industry unattractive to new hires and is frustrating for employees who now put their heart and soul into serving their customers.


De Unie wants to give a new impulse to the collective labor agreement. The terms of employment in the collective labor agreement must provide employees with tools to do and continue to do their work optimally. What is for de Uniemembers an important tool? What will it take in the coming years to be able to work well, satisfied and proud in five years' time?

De Unie would like to negotiate the topics de Uniemembers consider important. What is not properly regulated in the collective labor agreement? Thinking along to help arrange an ideal collective labor agreement? Please contact me by e-mail or call 06-5252 2091.


April 15, 2019: first collective agreement consultation
May 7, 2019: second collective labor agreement consultation
21 May 2019: third collective labor agreement consultation
June 13, 2019: last collective agreement consultation
June 24, 2019: reserve date

Propose De Unie

De Unie has laid down the association's terms of employment policy, in consultation with the members, in the perspective memorandum 2019. Our terms of employment policy is here to read.

I would like to enrich this note with examples of what is currently on the mind of Members. A personal story, even if it is made anonymous, usually convinces employers much better. So contact me and let me know what de Uniemembers as an interest.