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Health insurers: CLA negotiations will take longer

By organizing De Unie was committed to smooth negotiations. We had therefore only made a limited number of proposals. With the aim of being able to conclude a collective labor agreement before the summer. Unfortunately I have to adjust the schedule. The employers want to include pension in collective bargaining. As a result, the collective labor agreement negotiations will take several months longer.


The pension agreement executed by SBZ Pensioen runs until December 31, 2020. De Unie has informed the employers in good time that we want to agree on a collective labor agreement with a term of 1 year this year. From July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020. The subsequent collective labor agreement could then start on July 1, 2020 and we must also conclude a new pension agreement in that collective labor agreement. A new pension agreement with an effective date of January 1, 2021.

The SBZ Pensioen, the pension fund that administers the scheme, recently indicated that significant premium increases could occur in 2020/2021 given the current low interest rates. This is no surprise, by the way. All pension funds calculate scenarios based on long-term low interest rates. Low interest rates make pension accrual very expensive. Employers have now decided that they want to include the possible pension consequences in the current collective labor agreement consultations.

Position of De Unie

De Unie wants to have sufficient time to negotiate a pension agreement. It is an important working conditions. It is a complex topic that requires extra time.

De Unie has agreed to involve the pension negotiations under the following conditions.

Pension forms part of the collective labor agreement to be agreed. For this it is necessary to take more time for the consultation: the deadline has been set on December 1, 2019. The salary increase to be agreed will be paid retroactively to 1 July 2019. In the unlikely event that it should not be possible to have the new collective labor agreement ready by 1 December, a one-year collective labor agreement without pension agreements will be chosen.

Other topics

In the collective labor agreement consultations of 7 May 2019, we did not only discuss pension. We have conducted constructive consultations on a variety of subjects. We expect, for example, that we will be able to make good agreements about facilities for study and training, about options for guiding career paths to positions in healthcare and about a (partly paid) sabbatical arrangement.


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