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Health insurers: collective labor agreement and pension


This newsletter focuses on matters related to pensions and collective labor agreements. Below an explanation per item.

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Pension information

A new pension scheme will come into effect on 1 January 2022. Pensioenfonds SBZ is happy to explain to you what your new scheme will look like. On Thursday 25 November, the SBZ will organize an online information meeting from 16:00 PM to 17:30 PM where you can also ask questions. you can here. Sign Up. Do you want to stay informed about the developments? Then leave your email address at 'My Pension' on the SBZ website (https://www.sbzpensioen.nl/)

Survivor's pension

It emerged from the two information sessions held earlier by SBZ that there are a number of questions about the survivor's pension. That's why you think here. an additional explanation of the survivor's pension.

Pension consultation

The scheme as of 1 January 2022 is actually an 'interim scheme' on the way to the switch to the national pension contract. The parties to the collective labor agreement will start discussions at the beginning of 2022 about, among other things, the planning and the choice of the contract. The transition must be arranged by 1 January 2027 at the latest.

Collective Labor Agreement booklet

The texts of the new 2021 – 2022 collective labor agreement for health insurers have been rewritten and are now being checked by the trade unions. As soon as the new text of the collective labor agreement booklet has been approved, de Uniemembers this digitally from me.


We have agreed that an inventory will be made of the employability policy and the schemes at employers of ZN. The use and communication of the schemes is also examined. The results of this inventory will be discussed in the next periodic consultation with ZN. If necessary, agreements are made about activating policy and communication.

Health & Safety Catalogue

Together with the Dutch Association of Insurers and the trade unions, ZN facilitates the Working Conditions Catalog including the workload meter. The Health and Safety Catalog is still being updated. The Association, ZN and the trade unions have agreed to subsequently increase the awareness of and use of the Working Conditions Catalog and work pressure meter among employers, employees and employee participation bodies with a campaign.

Planning collective labor agreement consultation

Although the ink of the new collective labor agreement still has to 'dry up', we have already started planning the new negotiations for the collective labor agreement 2022 and beyond. More on that later.


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