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Zorg van de Zaak: Survey results

Care of the Cause

The survey provided by De Unie has fortunately been properly completed. Thank you very much for the help that has been given with this in drafting our letter of collective agreement proposals.


What do members think of De Unie?

About time and place independent work

The questions on this topic are by members of De Unie fairly uniformly completed. All respondents indicate that they find it important to very important to be able to perform part of their work from home.

Almost all respondents also indicate that they want to determine for themselves what times they work and that this also suits their position. Unfortunately, about half of the respondents feel that they themselves cannot exercise sufficient influence on their working hours. This topic will continue De Unie included in the collective labor agreement negotiations.

About training

About half of the respondents indicate that they can follow sufficient training courses. But the other half say they cannot get the training they need to keep doing their job. This rash is striking. Your employer states that he is very generous with training, and says that training is essential for a company that consists of high-quality professional services. I therefore expect there to be a mutual interest in making proper agreements about training in the collective labor agreement. A larger percentage of the respondents indicate that there is not enough room to follow courses that are not directly related to their work. This is a more difficult subject for collective bargaining. The employer is of the opinion that they do not need to invest in training aimed at positions outside the company. According to the employer, Zorg van de Zaak is so large and so multiform that employees who want to do something different can be offered sufficient opportunities within the company.

About the travel costs

The respondents are reasonably positive about the travel allowance. There are many complaints about the lease scheme.  De Unie will make proposals to improve the lease arrangement based on the input provided in the survey.

  • Part-timers in itinerant positions must also be able to drive a lease car
  • Broader choice per lease class
  • Better service from the lease company

About collective salary increase

The majority of the members expect a salary increase of between 3 and 4%, but they estimate that the employer wants to pay a considerably lower percentage. In the CLA proposal letter of De Unie this is taken into account.

Other colleagues

I also asked to forward the survey to colleagues who are not members of De Unie. These colleagues generally give similar results as the members of De Unie. Some notable exceptions where colleagues who are not members of a trade union give different answers than the members of De Unie:

  • A higher expectation of the collective salary increase to be achieved and a more positive estimate of the collective salary increase that the employer is willing to pay.
  • The proposal to introduce a 13th month.
  • A more positive image of the possibility of following training courses.
  • The proposal to facilitate the home workplace.

How does it go on?

De Uniemembers will receive the draft proposal letter from around March 25, 2019 De Unie. They can respond to this until April 3, 2019. The collective labor agreement consultation will start to April 10, 2019.


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