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This is how retraining changed my life

Are you still happy at work and with your employer? Hopefully yes. But if you're not, then maybe it's time to forge a new path and get retrained. Not an easy choice, but one that can contribute to your happiness at work. Annemarie dared to take the step. She had herself retrained as a nurse in individual health care – abbreviated VIG. A choice that she is happy with to this day.

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Why did you retrain?

'I actually wanted to go into care before, but I never did. I ended up as an assembly and sales employee at a medium-sized company. Fine, but deep down I kept dreaming about healthcare. When my children grew up and became more independent, I took the plunge: I wanted to be retrained.'

How was the retraining?

“I can't deny it: it was tough. I sometimes had to work hard to study and work in addition to taking care of my eyes. But all in all I really liked it. I followed the VIG training in the BBL form: a vocational training path. That way you learn and work at the same time. I learned the theory at school and was able to immediately apply it in practice.'

So, happy with your choice?

'Amazing! It was a difficult decision, but I am very happy that I retrained. I had not been feeling well at my previous employer for a while. During the retraining I realized: this is what I want to do, I like this. Now I still work for the organization where I followed my training.'

Do you have any tips for others who are unsure about retraining?

'Get what's in it, that's very satisfying. It is not surprising that you have doubts about this choice, it is not nothing. But be well informed and list all the pros and cons for yourself. That's how I was finally able to decide.'

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