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This way you continue to work from home responsibly

Due to the corona crisis, we have been working from home en masse for months. The end is not yet in sight. In the coming period, the advice remains to work from home as much as possible. Moreover, many companies and politicians also want to continue (partly) after the corona crisis: it saves office space, is quieter in public transport and less congestion. So work from home even longer. How do you keep that up? What can you expect from your employer, and what can you do yourself?

Slightly less temporary than expected

Precondition: you must be able to work at home. For that you often need at least a computer, telephone and internet. But you must also be able to do your work responsibly and safely. We wrote this article about that at the beginning of the lockdown. Then we mainly talked about short-term solutions. But now this situation seems to be taking longer than expected. All the more reason to take another good look at your home workplace. Because the kitchen table and your personal laptop may have been good enough temporarily, but are they even if this situation continues for months?

Your workplace? Responsibility of your employer

Your employer must ensure that you can work safely and responsibly. For example with a suitable computer, good headset and separate keyboard. However, larger resources such as an adjustable desk and a good chair are also important for working conditions-proof. When we didn't know how long it would take to work from home, it might feel like an exaggeration to ask your employer for a desk. Now that wouldn't be surprising. So talk to your employer about it and explain why you think it is important.


Some employers choose to draw up a working from home protocol. This contains, for example, characteristics of a good home workplace, but also agreements about communication with colleagues and accessibility. Rules regarding privacy and data security may also be included. In short: rules and agreements with which the current situation becomes 'the new work normal'. Does your employer not yet have a home work protocol, but do you need one? Talk about it with your colleagues and report it to your employer. Can you immediately say what you want to see in the protocol.

Physical complaints?

Have you worked in a wrong position, and is it now bothering you? Then contact the company doctor. He or she can assess what is bothering you, why and what you can do about it. This makes it easier to discuss solutions with your employer.

More information

Questions about working from home or this article? Feel free to contact us, our experts are available every working day from 8.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m. - even if you are not a member: sc@unie.nl en 0345 851 963. Curious about other consequences that corona has on your work and income? Check our special corona page.