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Housing services: Stuck collective bargaining and statement of support

In the meantime, it cannot have escaped you, the collective labor agreement negotiations have broken down and the parties are no longer talking to each other. The fellow unions organized a national strike day on March 27, 2018. De Unie has put the strike medium in the refrigerator. You have already been informed about the position of De Unie as for the strikes. We are therefore not participating in the strike.

We do, however, support the requirements. From the outset, the three unions have been jointly formed, so the unions do not differ in content. We agree! Read here why De Unie not on strike. For more information on this go to

We do our best to serve every member of De Unie personally approach to provide this explanation.
Therefore, I ask you to give the extra pamphlet to a colleague. Even though this colleague is not a member of De Unie or another vakbond. In this way you help to make your Unie sound heard in your workplace.

Because as the collective labor agreement negotiations have been going on for years now, things have gone fundamentally wrong for years. Now this must change!

I call on you to fill in the statement of support and let your colleagues do the same (they do not have to be a member and do not commit themselves to anything).

With this we let Aedes know:

  • To disapprove of her power game;
  • Want to see the demands fulfilled;
  • To support the fellow unions with their strike day and possible follow-up.

You can enter the statement of support here until March 26, 2018, 12.00:XNUMX noon. I can then give a helping hand to the colleagues of the other unions that afternoon before 27 March 2018.



If you have any questions, please contact Edith Werger by e-mail: or by telephone 06 52 52 20 54.