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Residential services: negotiating result CLA reached

Happy can De Unie announce that we have reached a negotiation result on Thursday 4 July 2019. “Only” six months after the end of the previous CLA, there is now a negotiation result for a two-year CLA. read here. the text of the negotiation result.

Is patience a virtue?

You may think "did I have to wait so long for this?" Then I can only sympathize. Still I hope so de Uniemembers are happy with the result and that they vote in favor. De Uniemembers have received an invitation to vote. You can vote until August 16, 2019.

Small improvement after employers' final offer

The result now achieved is a small improvement compared to the final offer made by the employer. The agreement on the reimbursement of the WW premium ultimately yielded an acceptable result.

We needed five rounds of negotiations

De Unie had invested in a quick negotiation. Our own supporters, but also those of other parties, had insisted on a quick negotiation, because everyone thinks it absurd that the collective labor agreement negotiations at the Housing Services should take so long. The employees, as well as many boards and administrators, have informed the CLA parties that they find it irritating and now finally want the CLA to be concluded quickly and on time. De Unie has taken that wish seriously and kept its proposal letter as limited as possible and requested a modest wage increase, namely 4% for 2019. We had conducted surveys Union-wide and specifically in one corporation, which led to our realistic wage demand. Looking at the final result (3%, which later became 3,25% for 2019), that shows De Unie has submitted a very feasible wage demand to employers. What De Unie we could have achieved this result much faster. Tell all colleagues this so that they become members and we can conclude the next collective labor agreement quickly!

A quick negotiation was very important to us. We therefore paid attention to whether there were “unnecessary” delays. All parties have indicated that they wish to conduct rapid collective bargaining. However, in the heat of the fight this wish was forgotten. The employers' side and the colleague unions could not find each other and did not want to compromise. As a Union, we were in the middle, but were unable to bridge the gap at that time. To be fair, I also admit that the employer's arguments were weak and were associated more with threats than with argumentation. While the colleague unions had argued very well for all proposals and they were also very creatively looking for solutions.

Suspension of negotiations

Employer threw out a final offer. In itself that is not a wrong move, after all, the employer thought that she had offered enough and if talking no longer makes sense, the process does not need to be delayed. The employee side did not accept this and went into the country to explain what actually happened and why it does not provide sufficient purchasing power.

Found each other anyway

The colleague unions and employer side deserve a big compliment, because they kept an eye on each other during the suspension and tried to get back into conversation. This was successful and worked out in our formal consultation on July 4, 2019.


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