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Housing services; Take part in the 2019 labor market survey

How satisfied are you with your work? How do you see the future within your corporation? Can you easily meet the demands that work places on you?

These and other questions are addressed in the Labor Market Research 2019.

You can participate in the investigation by clicking the link in the email that you should have received from your employer.

  • The research is an initiative of FNV, CNV, De Unie, AEDES and FLOW.
  • All employees of all housing corporations in the Netherlands are invited to participate.
  • The research is carried out by the collaborating research agencies Panteia and Etil.
  • Your participation in the survey and your answers will remain anonymous.
  • Filling in the questionnaire takes approximately 15 minutes. You can interrupt the completion of the questionnaire (your answers will be saved automatically).

As a token of your gratitude for completing the questionnaire, you will have access to an online report in which you can compare the results of the employees of your corporation with those of other corporations.

Do you have any questions about this research? Or have you not received an email from your employer and would you like to participate in the survey and complete the questionnaire? Please contact the project leader at research agency Etil: Evert Webers -  - 06 247 213 99.