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Housing services: collective labor agreement negotiations

Last Monday, October 11, there was a negotiation day to arrive at a new collective labor agreement for Residential Services as of January 1, 2022. Due to the temporary absence of Edith Werger, I (Emanuel Geurts) will replace her in this process. In this newsletter an explanation of the negotiation day and you get the commitment of De Unie and employers for a new collective labor agreement for residential services.

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Proposal letters

First of all, I would like to thank the members and followers of De Unie thank you for the responses to the request for wishes and points for the deployment of De Unie in the negotiations for a new collective labor agreement for Housing Services! They have also given me the input to determine our commitment. So thanks for that!

On Monday 11 October, the (explanations to the) proposals letters from De Unie, the other trade unions and the employers central. Clarifying and in-depth questions have been asked on both sides. Now I'm curious what you think of the employer proposals? Are they the right points and are the arguments correct? Is there something in it and if so, why and if not, how does it work? I would like to hear from you via emanuel.geurts@unie.nl and/or 06-5252 2074. This way I can take this feedback (anonymously) back to the negotiating table in the next round.


All the parties to the collective labor agreement had several pages with explanatory texts and proposals on themes such as the labor market, hybrid work, career & development, Generation Pact and, of course, duration & wages. Although the issues are similar on many themes, this does not mean that the solutions are the same. We still have many questions to answer together. How are we/are we becoming attractive to young people in the sector? How do current employees stay fit and competent for the future? What is a competitive or appropriate wage level? Questions that we need to discuss substantively and draw a conclusion about. That means that we are really going to negotiate about points in the coming dates because time is also starting to run out…


The next collective labor agreement rounds are scheduled for Tuesday 16 November, Wednesday 1 December and the last on Wednesday 15 December in order to realize a new collective labor agreement for Residential Services before 1 January 2022.


If you want to respond to this newsletter or want to contact me about a collective case, you can reach me via emanuel.geurts@unie.nl. For individual advice you can contact my colleagues from the Service Center department on 0345-851 963, by e-mail sc@unie.nl or the chat function www.unie.nl.