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Change proposals collective labor agreement Smurfit Kappa?

How's Smurfit Kappa doing?

Not only shareholders want to know. How Smurfit Kappa does it matters to all stakeholders. And the staff is certainly not in the last place. Is it better or worse compared to previous years?

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All this determines the wage margin, the scope to achieve improvements in terms of employment and the scope to optimize employment conditions.

  1. As of 1 June 2018 there was an increase of 2,75% and
  2. As of 1 June 2019 there was an increase of 2,75%
  3. The Currogated CLA expired on 1 June 2020.
  4. An initial exploration will take place on November 17.
    We would like your input for the real negotiations.

Perspective Memorandum 2020

By looking in many kitchens, looking at what is happening around us and especially from the dialogue with the members, our Employment Conditions Memorandum is drawn up every year. Here you can read what the Perspectiefnota of De Unie for 2020. It is about making a translation to the situation at Smurfit Kappa. Naturally, we look at a company like Smurfit Kappa to see what customization is required.


I cordially invite you to provide me with ideas, suggestions and advice regarding changes / improvements that you would like to see realized in the terms of employment. Where is the priority? What's important? What is the lower limit and how far do you want to go? What do you think the upcoming negotiations should be about? Where are the accents, what is sacred and what can be discussed? I would like to hear from you via e-mail

New members welcome and very much needed at Smurfit Kappa

The past few years has De Unie - unfortunately - in a number of branches, sectors or companies said goodbye to the collective bargaining agreement because the number of members had become too small. That does not have to be for eternity, because a number of members can of course also grow again. Do you want that De Unie If you continue to discuss the terms of employment at Smurfit Kappa on your behalf, make sure we stay out of the danger zone and recruit a new member every now and then. Join the conversation and strengthen our position at Smurfit Kappa. You can easily register via


If you have any questions about the negotiations or want to give your opinion, please contact me. You can contact us by mail via or call 06-5252 2067.