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WIA assessment can continue for the time being despite corona measures

In order to be eligible for a WIA benefit, the UWV must first determine for what percentage you are incapacitated for work. This assessment was threatened by the corona measures. In this investigation, the UWV uses a system that is kept up-to-date by means of company visits, which cannot take place for the time being. The government has therefore taken a measure - for the second time - to guarantee that the WIA assessments of the UWV can continue as usual. How that exactly works? You can read that in this article.

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Ill for almost 104 weeks

If you have been ill for almost 104 weeks and are unable to work or work less due to your illness, you can apply for WIA benefit at the UWV. This is awarded if the UWV determines that you are more than 35 percent incapacitated for work.

Insurance doctor and occupational health expert

To determine your occupational disability percentage, you will first be invited for an interview with an insurance doctor. This assesses your psychological and physical complaints. If the insurance doctor determines that you can still work, an occupational health expert will check which work you can still do and for what percentage you are disabled.


The employment expert uses the so-called Claim Assessment and Assurance System (CBBS) for this. This CBBS includes thousands of positions that someone theoretically could do - so it is not a job listing list. The job load and hourly wages of those jobs are also included in the system.

Are you incapacitated for work?

The occupational health expert determines which functions from the system you could still perform in theory. He will also look at your education, experience and the possibilities and limitations that the insurance doctor has established. For example, the occupational health expert can use the job list to assess the percentage for which you are incapacitated for work.

Determination of incapacity for work percentage

If the occupational health expert can find three suitable positions in the system for you, a disability percentage can be determined. This is done by comparing the middle hourly wage of the three positions with the hourly wage you earned before you became ill. The difference determines your incapacity for work percentage and thus your right to WIA benefit

Are the positions in the CBBS still up to date?

The CBBS is very important to assess whether people are entitled to one
WIA benefit. That is why the functions in the system are only valid for a limited period: 24 months. Employment analysts regularly pay company visits and adjust the positions in the CBBS as necessary.


Company visits are no longer possible due to the corona measures. In order to prevent the validity period of functions with an 'expiration date' from 1 July 2021 from expiring, it was extended from 2020 to 24 months in June 36. As soon as the corona measures expire, the UWV could again make company visits. For functions that are valid until after July 1, 2021, the validity period could therefore be reduced to 24 months.
But as we all know, the corona measures are still in effect: company visits still cannot take place. As a result, the sustainability of the functions in the CBBS is again at stake. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment has therefore decided to use the longer validity period of 36 months until 1 July 2022. Thanks to this measure, the WIA assessment can continue as usual in the coming months.

Please note: the measure is a proposed decision and has been submitted to the Lower House.

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