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Employers may continue to pay a fixed travel allowance untaxed

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On January 21, 2021, the government expanded the package of corona support measures. As part of this, employers may continue to pay fixed travel allowances tax-free until 1 April 2021, even if employees work (almost) completely from home. 

What does that mean for your fixed travel allowance?

So far, have you been paid your usual fixed travel allowance while you were not traveling to work? Then it probably stays that way. Your employer may pay this to you untaxed until 1 April. If he does have to pay tax on it from that date, the compensation will likely stop - after all, it costs your employer money. But ultimately it is up to your employer whether your travel allowance will stop or not: he can choose to stop your allowance earlier or to continue to pay it after April 1. Know where you stand? Then talk to your employer.

Would you like to read more about the different forms of travel allowance and the temporary corona measure that applies to them? That is possible in dit article.

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